Functional Curiosity

Mathy Compiler

Posted on — Dec 9, 2020

The code for this project can be found in this GitHub repository. This project was done under the guidance of Dr. Rupesh Nasre.

Some features of the language:

You can write four types of statements in this language.

An expression in the above two statements means a combination of any number of variables using +,-,* or /.

A bound is a term that encapsulates the upper and lower limits of the looping variable and only two comparison operators can be used to descibe a bound, < and <= .

The language also supports square-root expressions. So √(expression) is a valid expression.

In all the above statements/expressions, the unicode characters can be replaced with words -

Symbol Alternative
Π product
Σ sigma
| where

Checkout the webpage where you can try the compiler from your browser.