About me

I'm a Pre-doctoral Research Fellow at Microsoft Research India working with Dr. Akash Lal and Dr. Aseem Rastogi on program verification and software testing.
During my undergraduate studies, I worked with Prof. KC Sivaramakrishnan and Prof. Kartik Nagar on verifying functional correctness and convergence of Mergeable Replicated Data Types, using F* (See Peepul). Previously I also worked with Prof. KC Sivarmakrishnan on ParaFuzz, a coverage-guided and property-based fuzz-testing tool for Multicore OCaml programs. I graduated from NITK Surathkal in 2022.
I'm broadly interested in developing tools and techniques that simplify the process of writing correct and performant computer programs. My focus is on addressing problems that mostly lie under the collective umbrellas of Programming Languages, Formal Methods, and Software Engineering research.

Publications and Talks